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Learning Garden 013

Help our community garden over the summer!

  Dear Parents, I am writing on behalf of our Learning Garden; it needs our help to survive the summer! Our students worked hard this spring planting and caring for the garden and we would like to continue their efforts to experience and learn about growing food. We will have tomatoes, peppers, herbs and many more vegetables that [...]


Mrs. Rovito is going to Israel!

This summer, Mrs. Rovito will be traveling to Israel with Dr. Hoffman to work with her on an archaeological dig. Along the way, she will be posting pictures and blogging on the Dig Ashkelon site located here about the different ways to use math and science in a dig site. Follow her through her blog and [...]


Hamilton Gear Available

Our solar panels on the back roof! Check them out from the library or science lab!

Solar panels have been installed at Hamilton!

  Hamilton has new solar panels connected to their electricity grid! With a grant through the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation, four solar were installed recently to help offset some of Hamilton’s electricity usage. If you want to see how much energy we are collecting, go to this link and click on “show solar data” to [...]

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