Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours?

A: Hamilton’s school day is 7:45-2:45. Earliest drop off for students is 7:30 a.m.

Q: Are you a magnet school?

A: No, we are a fine and performing arts magnet cluster school. This means we are neighborhood school which accepts students from outside our attendance area through the lottery. The Chicago Public Schools fund 1 teacher positions each year through the Magnet Cluster Program.

Q: Do you have recess?

A: Yes.  All students have recess for twenty-five minutes every day.

Q: Can I volunteer at Hamilton?

A: Yes. Hamilton has a volunteer coordinator Denise Pfeifer ( and there are many opportunities to get involved. All volunteers must have a background check completed before volunteering.

Q: What is your visitor policy?

A: All parents visiting the school must sign in at the security desk and get a visitor badge. Classes may not be interrupted during the school day.

Q: What is your uniform policy?

There is no uniform policy at Hamilton. Hats may not be worn inside the building.

Q: What time of the day can I meet with my child’s teacher?

A: Teachers are available by appointment.

Q: Do you offer foreign language instruction?

A: Currently, China Friends offers Mandarin language instruction after school. This is a fee based after school class at Hamilton.  All students in K-8 are taught computer coding during the school year and we survey parents each semester about after school programing to review current programs and share additional interests.

Q: How often do the students have physical education?

A: All of our students have physical education for 150 minutes a week.

Q: What other ‘special’ classes do students have?

A: Here at Hamilton we call them “Essentials” classes since we believe in developing the whole child and our arts classes play a vital role in achieve this goal. Our students have an arts classes every day. All of our students have Multimedia Arts, Music, Visual Art, and Dance.

Q: What are the demographics of your school?

A: 65% of our students are white, 20% are Hispanic, 7% are African-American,  5% are Multi-Racial, 3% are Asian and Pacific Islander.

Q: Do you have after school programming?

A: Yes. The Lakeview YMCA provides afterschool care from 2:45-6:00 on site. Many students also walk to Wishcraft with program providers for after care. We also offer various fee based after school classes during the week.

Q: What is your grading policy?

90 – 100               A

80- 89                   B

70 – 79                  C

60 – 69                  D

50-59                    F