Hamilton Corn Hole Tournament – Sunday 1/27/19

Register your team for Hamilton’s 5th Annual Corn Hole Tournament!

Sign up HERE.

There are two different competitions: a kids tournament and an adult-kid tournament. There are no two-adult teams — find a kid! Team guidelines:

  • The Kids Tournament: For teams of two kids, grades 2-8
  • The Adult-Kid Tournament: For teams of one adult and one kid, ages 5 and up

$50 entry fee for each two-person team. IMPORTANT: You only need to submit one registration and $50 entry fee per team. The tournament is sponsored by Hamilton Action Team; proceeds benefit Hamilton Elementary.

Grand prize for each tournament: A gift certificate; a cool trophy; and bragging rights! 

Also, be sure to join us from 4:30-7 p.m. after the tournament for a family-friendly happy hour at Finley Dunnes, 3458 N Paulina St. Even if you don’t attend the tournament, stop by and hang out with your Hamilton friends!