Hello from GROWCommunity!

Hello Hamilton!

I’m Sarah Makela, a Hamilton parent of two boys. Oliver is in 8th grade, and Elliot’s in 4th.

I’m also the executive director of GROWCommunity, a local nonprofit organization that is working to develop a seamless K-12 system of public neighborhood schools—anchored around neighborhood high schools Lake View and Amundsen and their 17 feeder elementary schools—that are the top educational choices for families in our community. Hamilton is one of the 17 GROW feeder elementary schools.

Part of GROW’s work is to connect and collaborate with the GROW elementary school communities to help spread the word about the great things happening at Amundsen and Lake View and provide opportunities to get to know these schools better. As Hamilton’s GROW Ambassador, who also happens to be the GROW executive director, I’ll work to keep our school community in the know about the various Amundsen, Lake View and GROWCommunity activities. As a first step, I’d encourage you to:

Keep an eye out in various Hamilton communications for GROW info and updates; you can start by visiting the GROWCommunity page on the Hamilton web site. And feel free to contact me any time to learn more or get involved – I’m looking for other Hamilton parents to join me as GROW Ambassadors!


Sarah Makela