Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart: Halfway There!!!

Hi Parents!

We’re getting closer to the conclusion of our Jump Rope For Heart event and it’s time for some heart-pumping fun!  Have already raised $4,600!!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Zoo Crew animals your student can earn, but we wanted to remind you!  Each zoo animal teaches students a way to protect their heart and avoid risk factors for heart disease and stroke.  Your student can earn all 6!

There are 3 zoo animals students can earn instantly and receive at school: 

  1. When $5 is raised, your student will earn our lion, Rory McFiercely III and lanyard at school right away.
  2. If a donation is made online, your student will also receive our elephant, Mr. Tusker.
  3. Any student who reaches $85 online will receive our zebra, Savanna Bolt!

**Zoo Crew animals are cumulative!

A great way to let your friends and family know they can join you is by taking this year’s Zoo Crew Ecard Challenge found in your HeadQuarters.

Login online and follow these instructions:

  1. Choose One of our Zoo Crew and Upload a Photo
  2. Take a Challenge to Improve your own Heart Health
  3. Share with 10 Friends & Challenge them too!

Once you do this you will earn Rory’s Zoo Crew Badge from your teacher! You can wear this on your lanyard with the rest of the Zoo Crew.

When you take the challenge and share with friends and family, the Ecard will also include your fundraising page so an online donation can easily be made.  Once you take the challenge you have officially gone WILD about heart health by being physically active and eating more fruits and veggies!  CONGRATS!

Still need to sign up online?  No problem!  Here’s the quick steps to take:

  1. Visit our school’s online page:  http://jumphoops2017mwa.kintera.org/hamiltoneschicagoil
  2. Scroll down past the zoo image and click on Join Team.
  3. Create a username and password and then fill out the registration form.
  4. Share your personal fundraising link with friends and family right away.
  5. Download the FREE Mobile app for iPhone or Android by searching for Jump/Hoops and fundraise no matter where you are!


Steve Skweres