Hamilton uses the  FOSS and STC science programs in grades K-5, and the SEPUP program in grades 6-8. Hamilton’s scope and sequence has been aligned to the new Next Generation Science Standards, and will incorporate many engineering components.  These units are all inquiry based, where students have the chance to explore through hands on learning-with very little book work involved.  At Hamilton, we believe that the best way to learn, enjoy, and remember science is to do science.  In all of the units listed below, we also incorporate the use of science notebooks to enhance literacy throughout the curricula. When students start middle school, they will get the chance to work in Hamilton’s science lab, which is equipped with a SMARTboard and an iPad cart. Mrs. Rovito works with students to integrate technology into their data collections and presentations of their findings!

All of these units help students prepare for our school’s engineering fair, which will be held this year during the spring quarter.

The units you can expect to hear your student coming home and energetically telling you about include:

(*note-all kits with no links mean that Mrs. Rovito created them and do not go through FOSS or STC)


Weather                                                        Balls and Ramps

Materials and Motion                                 Fun in the Garden

Animals Two by Two

1st Grade

Physics of Sound                                       Physics of Light

New Plants                                                 Sun, Moon, and Stars

2nd Grade

Organisms  and Insects                         Solids and Liquids

Pebbles, Sand, and Silt                          Balance and Motion

3rd Grade

Air and Weather                                    Structures of Life

Water                                                       Balancing and Weighing


4th Grade

Levers and Pulleys                                Human Body

Land and Water                                    Electricity

5th Grade

Solar Energy                                         Chemical Tests

Earth Materials                                    Illinois Food Webs



6th Grade

Issues and Earth Science – Year long, multi-unit curriculum

7th Grade

Issues and Life Science – Year long, multi-unit curriculum

8th Grade

Issues and Physical Science – Year long, multi-unit curriculum