Mrs. McReynolds - K/1st 107


About Mrs. McReynolds

Karla McReynolds has been a teacher for more than 22 years with a particular interest in and passion for working with children who think differently. She is a licensed early childhood teacher with a B.S. in Biology and an endorsement in gifted education. She has worked with children with various abilities including: those who are “At Risk”, deaf, hard of hearing, mute, autistic, with ADHD, developmentally delayed, academically advanced, twice exceptional, and gifted. She has worked at Oglesby, St. Elizabeth, Stockton, Bell School, and Hamilton Elementary Schools. She is furthering her knowledge of best practices through participation in various professional workshops and classes. Her hope is that the children at Hamilton make social, emotional, academic gains while being challenged by teachers and grade level peers.
Ms. McReynolds is married and has a daughter who is a senior at DePaul University majoring in music.

Quarter 1 Update

First Quarter kindergarten math included subitizing, counting to 100, making patterns, and one to one correspondence. The children learned to work independently and with partners. The children learned to use their task boxes containing math games and activities.      Literacy-The children used their read to self books to build stamina, they read with a […]

Update 12/19

  The children have been very busy learning to be even more independent. They’ve been taking their first run at using an Independent Contract.  The contract allows the children choice and flexibility in the order in which they’d like to each activity. It also allows the children to have a visual schedule of what will […]

Photo Update!

Music Show Day The children did a great job! DePaul University’s GrowEdu program came to teach the children about growing plants in different environments. Carnival Day! The children had a few hours of fun to celebrate earning 200 class Bingo Points. They were grouped together with their friends from 108. They played math and word […]

Update-November 14th

It was great to meet with all of you! I have prepared our second quarter Social Studies and Science units. Upcoming Science unit: The children will begin the Sun, Moon, and Stars unit in learning about the how the sun cast shadows, how to tell time with the sun, how to tell directions with the […]

Update November 7

Last week was a bit short and crazy with Halloween and the Shedd Aquarium trip, but we made it! Because of the short and crazy week, we are a week behind on Word Study. In math: The children worked a little on their urban shape community project. Hopefully we’ll have it finished this week. The […]


It’s getting a cold! Thanks to all the parents who cut shapes for our community shape project! Simply stated…here’s the fun we’ve had!! In math: The children started working in their new math books. They worked on “Modeling Numbers” while they also worked on “Model, Draw, and Making Sense of 2D Geometry”. They continued to […]

Update! November 24th

The children had another successful week. They have nearly reached 200 class BINGO points. This means they will have earned enough points for an in class, “carnival party”. This will be a learning in disguise time. The children will build forts and tents as well as participate in carnival type, hands on, math games. In […]

New Post

We had an awesome week! The children are working more independently, trying to be more assertive, and learning to solve their own problems in class. These are important life skills. In math:          The children reviewed 2D shapes. They got to use different templates, pattern blocks, and climbing figures to create other […]


This week the children did a great job working together in partners, small groups, and around the room!   In math, the children learned a lot of new games that reinforced place value to the tens for most (and to the hundreds and thousands for some of the advance students). They traded unit cubes for […]


We’ve had a very busy week. Please enjoy our pictures! Math We played games like Race to 60, Race to 100, Memory Match Sums of 10, Dino Math Tracks, and High Seas Adventure to practice ten partners and place value. We completed activity sheets: Finding Sums of 10, Finding Ways to Make 10, Modeling Numbers […]