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About Mrs Shafer

Ms. Shafer has been teaching for nine years. She completed her undergraduate studies at Indiana University. After college, Ms. Shafer moved to Indianapolis where she taught reading remediation for one year and then third grade for four years. Ms. Shafer has embraced reading instruction and strives to instill a passion for reading in all her students. This is Ms. Shafer's fifth year at Hamilton Elementary. When she is not classroom, Ms. Shafer enjoys cooking, running, and trying new restaurants around Chicago.

1st Grade – Week of January 15

SEL Our next SEL focus is about accidents. Students will learn that an accident is something you didn’t mean to do. We will discus how to take responsibility for an accident to prevent others from assuming it was intentional. Curriculum 1/16 – 1/19 Reading – We’re practicing reading nonfiction books like experts! When we read […]

108 – Week of January 8

SEL – Social Emotional Learning This week we will be focusing on how people have different feelings about the same situation and these feelings can happen at different times. We’ll also discuss how feelings can change over time. Lastly, we’ll learn and use the vocabulary “inviting” and “welcoming.” Being inviting and welcoming can change people’s […]

Curriculum – Week of November 27

SEL We’re working on identifying others’ feelings. We use the face, body, and understanding the situation as clues to how someone is feeling. Kindness We’ve been making a list of acts of kindness we’ve seen others do around the classroom and school. You can do the same at home! If your first grader makes a […]

1st Quarter Highlights

What a great start to the school it has been! After learning about classroom and school expectations, we got to work in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Building a Classroom Community Upon reading David Goes to School, the first graders brainstormed wanted and unwanted behaviors from their peers. We talked about behaviors that help […]

108 Curriculum 10/10 – 10/13

SEL Focus – Being Assertive Keep having your child use self-talk at home. The more they repeat directions (especially multi-step), the better they’ll be at following them. This week we are learning how to be assertive. We will teach the class how to use an assertive posture (face the person, head up, shoulders back) and […]

1st Grade Curriculum September 18 – 22

SEL  This week we are learning to focus our attention and ignore distractions. We use an Attent-o-Scope to do so. Please review and use the four listening skills at home. Curriculum 9/18 – 9/22 Please use this information to discuss what your child learned at school each day. Writing – We’ve started writing small moment stories […]

Busy and Fun Times in 108!

We have been so busy in 108 this month! There have been many guests in our school and classroom. We read with our 5th grade buddies. We learned and loved compound words. And of course, extra recesses have been the best. We are so happy spring is here! Compound Words A chef came to speak […]

Busy Bees in 108

Welcome back! Did you have a nice spring break? I hope so! Fourth quarter starts Monday. A lot of exciting learning is in store for your first grader. Check out everything the first graders have been up to prior to spring break. 120th Day of School We celebrated the 120th Day of School in March. […]

Book Creator, Day of Reading, and Informative Writing!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. We’ve been busying in 108! Mr. Proctor has been helping us create digital books on the app, Book Creator. The first graders are having fun exploring fonts, colors, shapes, and pictures. We’ll be publishing our tradition story using Book Creator.   March 2 was Day of Reading (in celebrating Dr. […]

Adler, Picture Graphs, Choice Time, and More!

Adler Planetarium We’ve been studying the Sun, moon, and stars in science. The young astronomers applied their celestial knowledge while pretending to be astronauts, learning more about the first trip to the moon, and finding facts about the planets. Adler Planetarium was a great field trip! BLAST OFF! Asking or Telling? What’s the difference between […]