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About Ms. Jugenitz

This is Carly's seventh year teaching at Hamilton Elementary School. She teaches social studies and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to grades 6-8. Before teaching at Hamilton she taught for five years at Stockton (now Courtney) Elementary School. Ms. Jugenitz is a certified teacher with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from DePaul University. She is an avid user and proponent of technology in education and she enjoys integrating technology and arts into teaching and learning.

Outside of school, Carly fills her time mothering two adorable and active pre-schoolers. She also enjoys being active on Chicago's lakefront and spending time with family and friends.

Highlights: Quarter 1

The middle school has been working hard so far this year in social studies class. All grade levels started out the year reviewing/learning about the 5 themes of geography (location, place, region, movement, human environment interaction) and applying these themes through a variety of projects that featured local and international destinations. Social studies is a […]

Weekly Updates for the week of 5.15.17

This week in social studies… 6th grade: Students will continue with the unit on slavery and the Civil War. Materials are resources are posted on Google Classroom. 7th grade: Students reviewed today for their test on the Roaring 20s which they will have tomorrow. The key concepts/terms are posted on Google Classroom and students made […]

Updates for the week of 5.8.17

This week is the annual dance show, this year’s theme is “Sneetches.” Due to the alternative show schedules, students in all classes should check Classroom for any assignments/work they are responsible for completing. The current units in each grade level are… 6th Grade: Slavery/Civil War 7th Grade: The Roaring Twenties 8th Grade: The Civil Rights […]

Updates for the week of May 1st

This week in social studies… 6th grade students will begin a new unit on Slavery and the Civil War. After reading and annotating an article and reading ‘timeline cards,’ students will create a timeline of key events pre 1860 that led up to the War. 7th grade students will have a quiz Monday over the […]

Updates for the week of 4.24.17

This week in Social Studies… 6th grade students have completed their unit on Westward Expansion and have all successfully navigated the challenges pioneers faces and reached Fort Vancouver in Oregon City! Students in both classes earned the incentive by completing the Oregon Trail simulation successfully and working as a team to reach their goal. Their […]

Updates for the week of 4.3.17

This week in social studies…. 6th grade students will finish up the last two episodes of the in class Oregon Trail simulation. Their wagon companies (small groups) will encounter obstacles with their wagons, health, river crossings and food supplies.   7th grade students will finish their final projects for the unit on WWI. Students will […]

Updates for the week of 3.27.17

This week in social studies… 6th grade students continue on our quest to the west! Students will encounter several challenges on our simulation of The Oregon Trail. 7th grade students will have class time to work on their final WWI projects. Students were given the option of working alone, with a partner or a group of three. […]

Updates for the week of 3.20.17

This week in social studies… 8th grade students will be analyzing data looking at racial inequalities across different sectors in America over the last 60 years. They will be identifying trends and drawing conclusions based on the information provided. Room 204 will begin their CAPE unit this week. 7th grade students will be choosing a […]

Emotion Management in SEL

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 have been learning about how to identify their emotions and respond to them in healthy ways. Students have done many activities with the ‘Steps for Staying in Control,’ and “Strategies to Calm Down.” Students are creating informational brochures on topics related to emotion management and will be sharing […]

Updates for the week of 3.6.17

Westward Expansion continues to be the unit 6th grade students are working on currently. This week they are completing a ‘Pack your Wagon’ challenge where they need to buy the most essential items for their journey without exceeding a 2,400 pound weight limit. They are also designing their ideal wagon for their journey. 7th grade […]