Student Opinion Article - Must have school supplies

Student Opinions - Must Have School Supplies

by H.R. and I.R.


Students 5th grade and up are introduced to homework. And while parents may argue that they pay their own school supplies fee, it becomes important for kids to get supplies of their own. Why, you may ask? Well, it gets to a point where you can use colored pens to organize your notes, mechanical pencils make it so you don’t have to interrupt the class just to sharpen it! Also, many teachers will give you two pencils at the beginning of the quarter and will expect you to keep this and not lose them. It’s good to have some extra back up supplies to have just in case you lose them. Let's be real here, kids lose their pens and pencils really easily. Here are some school supplies that we know are helpful to bring to class. 

  • Pencils: Teachers often have pencils, but you can’t take them home and they are often unsharpened. It is important for kids to have their own when they are doing their homework. A good pencil brand is Ticonderoga.  Pro Tip: Mechanical pencils are even better because they never need to be sharpened and have longer erasers. Some good brands are BIC, Papermate, and Pentel. All of these pencil brands can be found at Staples and Office Depot.
  • Pens: In lower grades, pens are less important than they are in higher grades. Take Mr. Loredo for an example. He is a middle school language arts teacher, and very much encourages his students to use only black and blue pen  for their assignment. Good pen brands are Mont Blanc and Fabre Castell. (Teacher tidbit, please don't bring Mont Blanc pens to school). Pro Tip: Erasable pens! They are great for kids who prefer to write with pens, but are commonly known to make mistakes, and have to use their erasers, eliminating the use of pens. With erasable pens, you don’t have to worry about mistakes and you can use pens. Some good brands are FriXion and Paper Mate.
  • Locker Decor: Mirrors, mini White-Boards, Expo Markers, Shelves, and magnetic baskets are all very useful for kids who have lockers. Not only can kids get cute and fun decorations for their lockers, they also have a very organized setup. You can use your White-Board to write upcoming events in your home and school life, and you can store your pens, Expo Markers, and anything else in your mini basket. Pro Tip: You can find locker decorations everywhere! Since most kids are now in school, there should be Back-To-School supplies still at Target. Be sure to check the clearance rack! You can also go on Amazon. We recommend searching up “Locker Decorations” and getting the School Locker Organizer Kit. Or, just click on the link attached

Whether you use these suggestions or not, it is important for students to have their own school supplies. Your child will also develop a responsibility for their own items, and will have new supplies to help them with school! They will love these new school supplies!