Welcome Hamilton's Newest Teachers

Hamilton’s New Patriots!

By JC, Student Reporter

You may have seen some new teachers walking the halls of Hamilton, but may have been too scared of them to say hello. I get it, change can be scary, but these teachers are great, and this article is here for you to learn a little bit more about these brand-new additions to our school community. 

Ms. Nora Youkhana has lived in Chicago for her whole life and has been a teacher for almost 13 years! She originally wanted to be a pediatrician, but loves teaching. She believes that “the whole point of teaching is to shape society in a positive way, and we should try to reach as many kids as possible, right?” Correct! She loves working at Hamilton so far, and she thinks it is awesome “how much respect you all show each other”. She may look intimidating, with her bright fashion sense and loud voice, but inside, she is an amazing person with a heart of gold!

Ms. Kate Federer is originally from Michigan and is super excited to start her first year as a Hamilton Patriot! When this reporter asked why she wanted to become a teacher, she replied, “I always knew that I wanted to work with kids, so I became a teacher. I love seeing the world from their points of view.” When asked why she thinks teaching is so important, she responded, “To make kids excited to learn and to make it so that whatever way they learn is okay.” She loves how inclusive Hamilton is, and is super excited to learn more about the kids!

Ms. Laura Knutson never knew that she wanted to become a teacher. She thought that she would be a writer/work in publishing. But she loves working with kids, and she has been teaching and working with them for seven years now. She was raised as a Navy kid, so she moved a lot; she was born in California, lived in a lot of different cities, but she has been living in Chicago for the past fifteen years, and she loves it! She thinks it’s really important to “have a society that can think for itself and that loves learning.” She loves Hamilton and is honored to be considered a Patriot!

So there you have it! There are a bunch of new, exciting teachers at Hamilton School. So, if you see them in the hallway, don’t be afraid to say hello!