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An inclusive framework for education.

All education at Hamilton is inclusive. Students with disabilities are integrated into general education classrooms. All learners, including students with disabilities, actively participate and benefit from the high quality instruction. Teachers differentiate instruction to ensure all students have the learning experience needed, and have access to the same curriculum. Classroom assignments, instructional approaches, materials, and expectations are adjusted for students. Although in a very small number of cases, integrating a student with disabilities into class at Hamilton may not be appropriate, the goal is to return the student to education with peers as soon as possible and for as much time as possible.

Everyone benefits.

Inclusive education significantly contributes to the educational experience of all children in many ways. Special educators, educational specialists, and other support personnel recommended for the education of integrated students with disabilities enrich classrooms by working with all students. The instructional teams in schools are expanded by the participation of multidisciplinary personnel made available by special education and enable new teaching and learning experiences in classrooms for all students. Inclusive education enriches the diversity in classroom learning communities providing all students expanded opportunities for better understanding the world, those around them, and themselves.

How do students feel about being in inclusion classrooms?

"Kids always work together and have all learned well and with people at their own pace."

"At Hamilton, everyone in school gets to learn anything."

"When kids learn together, they feel more confident to do better."

"At Hamilton, since we are inclusive, I have been in groups and have formed relationships with people that might learn or be different then me. I have gotten to know everyone, even if they might be different."

"I’ve seen kids who need extra help and the kids that understand the work a little bit better offer their help to them and the kids feels good because he’s not been left out and just needs a little more extra help."

"I learn slower then most people and when they get it and I don’t then they could help me."


Check out this story about inclusion from one of our 7th grade reporters-

 What is inclusion?


 Hamilton Elementary is an inclusion school, meaning that students with learning disabilities are learning in general education classrooms. Inclusion classes will have more than one teacher to help with those kids with special needs. The goal is to return students to education with peers for as long as possible!

Who does inclusion benefit? 

Inclusion benefits everyone! Principal Dr. Amy Vondra says that “Communities are stronger when all of the community members are learning together.” When kids learn together, the kids who have special needs have a classroom where they can feel smart, and they can feel supported. She says, “it is crucial to have students learn with students that work at a different pace.” The extra teacher's in the classroom help with these kids to “help them feel stronger” Dr. Vondra claims. 

Why should you go to an inclusion school?

Well, its great! Not only do you get to learn with kids that might be at a slower pace than you, you meet new friends too! If all of the people who learn fast are in one class, then you can’t learn with anybody different! Also, you don’t get to meet new people. One 7th graders says that she loves to be in a class with people she has never met before! Goes to show that inclusion is great!

Why should you come to Hamilton?

“Hamilton is a great school with great teachers,” Vondra says. Also, Hamilton is very inclusive to everyone. Hamilton accepts everyone of every race, and Hamilton accepts LGBTQ+! A 4th grade transgender female feels include and accepted in school. Other students love Hamilton too! One 7th grader says, “Hamilton is a great school for the arts! You can take music, dance, and multimedia arts classes!” So come to Hamilton Elementary for a path to smart, bright, and creative futures!