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Primary Social Emotional Learning

In Primary Grades, we support social emotional learning though the following: Growth Mindset, Second Step, Health Education, Morning Meeting, Zones of Regulation, and Headspace. 


Growth Mindset:

Students tackle challenges because they understand that learning takes a lot of effort. They don't give up when things get difficult, because they have strategies to persevere. They take risks, participate in class, and understand that mistakes are normal when people try hard things. 


Second Step:

These are the skills students will be learning throughout the year; skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, problem solving.


Health Education:

These are the topics students will be learning throughout the year; respecting individuals, families, families change, bullying.


Morning Meeting:

To unite the classroom, primary grades start our days with Morning Meetings! This is a safe, positive and working space to talk/share events or concerns students might have!


Zones of Regulation: A framework to foster self-regulation and emotional control. There are four levels.

The four zones: our feelings and states determine our zone.

The Red Zone is used to describe extremely heightened states of alertness and intense emotions. A person may be elated or experiencing anger, rage, explosive behavior, devastation or terror when in the Red Zone.

The Yellow Zone is also used to describe a heightened state of alertness and elevated emotions, however one has more control when they are in the Yellow Zone.  A person may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, the wiggles, or nervousness when in the Yellow Zone.  

The Green Zone is used to describe a calm state of alertness. A person may be described as happy, focused, content, or ready to learn when in the Green Zone.  This is the zone where optimal learning occurs.  

The Blue Zone is used to describe low states of alertness and down feelings such as when one feels sad, tired, sick, or bored.  

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At Hamilton, we are using Headspace to teach your child the benefit of meditation. Our goal is for your child to be healthy and happy, not just now but for the rest of their lives. Teaching them about meditation early will help them do that!