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Middle School Arts and Tech

Check out all of the cool middle school choice arts/movement offerings this semester!
Multimedia Arts: 
Stop Motion Animation- You will create your own stop motion animation project in this class. You will learn the creation process of animation beginning with an idea in your head all the way to your completed animated project.

Take it apart: You will be taking apart and reassembling technology devices and putting them back together. During this process you will explore how the devices work, learn their history, take pictures, and publish your findings to the web.

Coding & Keyboarding* - Can you type as fast as you can think? If no, this class is for you. Would you like to experience programming fundamentals including Javascript and Python programming languages? If yes, this class is for you.*Hamilton Yearbook will be part of Coding & Keyboarding this semester.

Photography and Photoshop 1 - This course will introduce some fundamentals of photography. We will also spend time exploringPhotoshop basics; including editing photos, retouching photos(duplicating objects and textures, removing objects), combining images, and some graphic design basics.
Musical Theatre: Students will explore singing technique, acting, sight reading and expression with a variety of musical theatre repertoire.

Orff Ensemble: Students will play xylophones, glockenspiels and unpitched percussion instruments to perform a variety of musical styles.
Visual Art:
Ceramics: In ceramics class, students will learn many molding, sculpting, and modeling techniques to create unique pieces of art that can be both functional and presentable.

Watercolor: Students will grow and expand their knowledge and skills on watercolor painting techniques. New methods of painting will be explored and new materials to enhance watercolor will be introduced. Having taken painting prior is advised.