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Middle School Arts and Tech

Check out all of the cool middle school choice arts/movement offerings this semester!
Multimedia Arts Classes
Stop Motion Animation- You will create your own stop motion animation project in this class. You will learn the creation process of animation beginning with an idea in your head all the way to your completed animated project.

Coding & Keyboarding - Can you type as fast as you can think? If no, this class is for you. Would you like to experience programming fundamentals including Javascript and Python programming languages? If yes, this class is for you.

Movie making - We will be starting with an idea and ending with a student-produced live-action video. The entire process from storyboarding to recording video/audio and final production using iMovie will be explored.
Music Classes
Musical Theatre: Students will explore singing technique, acting, sight reading and expression with a variety of musical theatre repertoire.

Guitar 1 - In Guitar 1 you will learn the basics of playing the guitar. We will explore how to play chords, different strumming patterns and read guitar tabs.

Guitar 2 - Guitar 2 is a continuation of Guitar 1. You must take Guitar 1 before taking Guitar 2. In Guitar 2 you will learn additional chords, plucking techniques and how to read Melodys.
Art Classes

Mural School Beautification