Middle School Arts and Tech

Check out all of the cool middle school choice arts/movement offerings this semester!
Movie making 2 - This will be a follow-up to Movie making 1, wherein we made how-to videos. Movie making 2 will give students more creative license to use their own vision in creating their video project. The entire process from storyboarding to recording video/audio and final production using iMovie will be explored. Students must have taken Movie-making 1 or talk to me personally about other relevant related experience.

Photoshop/Photography 1 - This will be an exploration of Photoshop CC and photography basics. We will be going through the tutorials within Photoshop, learning new skills as we go. As well, we will be uncovering some photography fundamentals. This class will follow a similar track as last year.

Take-It Apart - This will be an exploration of old technology, taking apart computers and other devices to learn about how they work. This is a very hands-on class but will also include some historical research of technology as well as publishing our findings to the internet.

Keyboarding & Coding + Yearbook! - Three classes in one! Explore programming fundamentals including Javascript and Python programming languages. Work on being able to type your thoughts as fast as you can think. Also, we will be making the 2020 yearbook in this class. If ANY of those interest you, this is a class you need. If you are specifically looking for involvement in yearbook, please let Mr. Macias know.
***There will only be 3 Multimedia Arts classes - the choice above with the least students will be cut (not offered this semester)***
Musical Theatre: The study of Musical Theatre repertoire from the 1960's - today through singing, movement and projects. 
Orff Ensemble: Learn music in a variety of musical styles written for barred instruments (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels).
Ceramics: basic and advanced techniques using various clay bodies, including hand building and wheel throwing.

Mural 2: Creating a beautiful atmosphere in Hamilton with the development and creation of large-scale mural projects.
Set Design for Spring Musical: Design, create, and build sets for the spring musical.
Tap Dance (PE and Dance option) - Tap students will learn the basics to intermediate tap skills. While in tap students will be learning a tap piece that will be performed at an informance. Also, Bril from M.A.D.D. Rhythm will be guest teaching.
Musical Theater Dance (PE and Dance option)- Students will learn 5 musical theatre dances that will be put together to make a musical theater mash-up. The musicals the students will be learning from are: Annie, Hairspray, Singing in the Rain, Into the Woods, and Grease. Cats will be taught if there is time.