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Middle School Policies and Procedures

April 1-5 Update:
Important Dates: Announcements:
  • With our new website came a new Hamilton calendar! If you were subscribed to our calendar in the past, it is no longer able to be updated. If you would like to merge the NEW Hamilton calendar with yours, please click here.
  • Remind your child to email their teachers if they will be absent to see what they missed! Assignments are not just excused.
  • Students should be completing their service hours! 8th grade needs to have 20 done by the end of the year to participate in the graduation luncheon, 6th need 10 and 7th need 20 to attend the end of the year field trip to the park. Everyone should be working to complete about 2-4 per month so they can participate in our incentives. Need more service hour ideas? Click here
  • Please see the attached fliers for the Me To We Penny War fundraiser.
Illinois Assessment of Readiness Testing

IAR testing begins the week of April 1st. Attendance is strongly encouraged during these days as it is best for students to test with their peers in their normal testing environment. Grade 3 will participate in a paper/pencil test, where grades 4-8 will take the test on the computer. 


The IAR assessment is one of many sources of information that let us know if our students are on track. ISBE requires that all districts and schools test at least 95 percent of eligible students to ensure that test results for individual schools and the district are representative. ISBE has communicated that failure to meet the 95 percent threshold may put schools and CPS at risk of financial sanctions and/or other punitive actions.  


To meet participation requirements, all students are provided the opportunity to participate in each unit of the test. This means that students must be presented a testing ticket (online testers) or a test booklet for each unit. Students who refuse to participate will remain in the classroom and be allowed to take part in a silent, self-guided activity in the classroom (in a content area other than what is being assessed). ISBE does not recognize a parent's right to opt a child out of required student assessments.  If you have discussed IAR testing with your child and you anticipate that they will opt out of tests please let their homeroom teacher know. We will be contacting  parents of students whom we are unaware of parental knowledge to ensure that it is communicated that your child refused the test. We do not want parents expecting testing results to later learn their child refused the test and do not have results.

Incentive Information:Our next incentive will take place on Friday, April 12. As a reminder, to be eligible, students must adhere to the following:
  • Behavior: Students must have 2 or fewer behavior check per incentive period (Should be made up with Dr. Vondra/Mrs. Brewer by April 4)
  • Attendance: Students must have 3 or fewer absences per incentive period (Should be made up with Dr. Vondra/Mrs. Brewer by April 4) 
  • Tardies: Students must have 2 or fewer tardies per incentive period (Should be made up with Dr. Vondra/Mrs. Brewer by April 4)
  • Missing Assignments: Students must have 3 or fewer missing assignments total across all classes (Can be made up with their classroom teachers without credit by April 8)
  • Service Hours (due Tuesday):

o   6th graders need to have 7 service learning hours completed (due April 8)

o   7th and 8th graders need to have 15 service learning hours complete (due April 8)