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School Fees

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Where does the money go?

  • Curriculum (books, math consumables)  – $60 per student
  • Recess – $50 per student
  • Field Trips – $25 per student
  • Tech – $60 per student
  • Field Day – $10 per student
  • Online software – $25 per student
  • Arts – $10 per student
  • This comes to $240 per student, HAT pays for student supplies $140 per student, HAT pays for professional development costs, HAT pays for building upgrades and improvements, HAT budget will be approved in September
  • Dr. Vondra’s presentation about school fees:
  • The school will be able to accept payments through credit card or check

Fees will be $175 per child with a cap of $400, additional $205 will be subsidized by building rentals and HAT donations

Click here if you need a copy of the school fee waiver form: