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Multimedia Arts

Below is a copy of the curriculum outline for the Multimedia Arts program at Hamilton. This blend of curriculum has come together over my last eight years teaching elementary technology education. Our content will change and shift from year to year because our students grow and change, technologies/websites become obsolete/unavailable, and many other yearly unforeseen obstacles that come with working in technology. These factors keep our curriculum fresh and relevant, which is a good thing. 
These four tenets guide how the curricular nuts and bolts are selected to meet our goals at Hamilton. 
1) Create content. Learn to level up from content consumption.
2) Make technology work for you. Leverage technology for productivity and expression.
3) Be flexible, embrace doubt and uncertainty. Learn to accept and troubleshoot unanticipated events.
4) Express yourself as fast as you think. Develop that ability to write as fast as you can think.

Computer Science Curriculum... by Juven Macias on Scribd