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Visual Arts

  • K-5: Color Theory, Elements and Principles of art, Drawing and painting skills, Art history, Presentation and critique, Process and reflection, Creating, Reading art, and Social Emotional Learning
    • Students will learn and develop on the building blocks of art through studies of famous artists, discovery of materials and new skills, learn the basics of critique and how to read art by looking at famous works and those of their peers, and how to work with others in different situations.
  • Middle School Choice Arts: Drawing and Legacy Mural Painting (semester 1), Ceramics, Watercolor, other industrial arts (semester 2)
    • First semester students in drawing will learn drawing skills such as contour, blind contour practices, perspective drawing, sizing and resizing using a grid, measuring and relationship, realism, gesture, and reverse drawing to build their artistic toolbox. Those skills will then be used to create pieces of their own following various criteria.
    • First semester mural students will begin their studies following composition rules and looking at impactful messages and images, begin creating compositions of a variety of sizes and audiences, and then begin developing their mural ideas by writing persuasive proposals that will be presented to administration for approval. Painting skills and color theory will be studied, so that students can create their pieces efficiently and perfectly to make our school a more artistic and beautiful place.
  • Extra Art: Art club winter 2019-2020 (5th-8th),  set design for Music/Dance performances and Drama Club, Art shows at performances