Visual Arts

These resources will be updated frequently with new art activities, videos, prompts, and enrichment opportunities for all grade levels. Please keep your brains working and keep that creativity flowing--your imagination and wonder are some of your greatest tools.
 I apologize for the format. I tried my best.
Check out the Library of Congress's social media platforms for drawings/read-alouds/and more with Captain Underpants creator Dav Pilkey! New videos are posted every Friday!
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems are fun YouTube videos posted new every day at 12:00 pm CST and left up afterwards. Draw fun and interesting doodles with Mo!
Bob Ross Activity Sheets (printables--also includes answers) 
Mona Lisa Heist! (3rd has been studying this)
For more on art crimes, the story of how art stolen by the Nazis in WWII is fascinating. These documentaries are fantastic.
**if you can find it, Hunting Hitler's Stolen Treasures from NatGeo is really a great documentary, and for a more fictionalized version with the permission from parents/guardians, Monuments Men tells the story of those who tried to save the art that was stolen.
Art history:
Middle School
So many Art lessons here! SO MANY!
All Grades
Let's take a New York Minute back to Ms. Cosenza's stomping grounds...
Create a miniature gallery for a pet like this teacher did in New Jersey for her guinea pig!
Take a street view tour of NYC's 9 best street art spaces!
Get a 360° view of the beautiful interiors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York galleries have created Online viewing rooms so their collections can be viewed by all!
Beautiful Photos from the New York Times of places are the world without people. It is so rare to see Times Square or London not bustling around, even in the wee hours of the morning!
Over 100 museums have created Free coloring pages and coloring books of their actual collections. Re-imagine famous works in new color and light--perfect for kids and adults alike!
(Not art, but...) We all know my fascination with marine life, and these marine biologists in the Puget Sound of Seattle are running Online marine biology classes for kids! Tune in every Monday and Thursday at 1:00 pm CST. I know I will!
This is what I will be doing while at home. I can't get enough of these VIRTUAL MUSEUM TOURS
Art BreakLoads of interactive web sites for all grade levels! I will definitely be checking out all of these while we are away, too!!!
CBS Sunday Morning always has segments on artists ranging all across the arts
12 Art Lessons for Kids! Are great art lessons that anyone can do. Great for all ages!
Great Youtube Channels:
Tate KidsFun how-to's, artist bios, and art history made just for kids by the Tate Museum in London. 
The MetI's the Met. It's spectacular.
The MoMAMy favorite museum, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC has great exhibits and information on everything modern.
SFMOMAThe San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is an amazing place with awesome exhibits, and.... can text the SFMOMA to be sent artwork on your phone!!!
Art Institute of ChicagoRight in our own backyard! I love seeing the videos here and then being able to go see it in person.
The Art Assignment: Great videos on all aspects of art from art history to particular pieces.
Art For Kids Hub: Wonderful draw-alongs and make-a-longs for all age levels and skills. 
Joseph's MachinesThis team creates Rube Goldberg machines to 'solve' problems and they are not only hilarious, but they are SO COOL and also really fun to try to build yourself!
Sprice MachinesAlso a channel that builds amazing machines to check out and try!
Art Curator: Wonderful resource on art history and particular time periods.
Artist in SchoolFrom how these videos are made to in-depth art history information, this guy does a great job breaking down artists and time periods into easy to understand lessons.
Art 21One of my personal favorites that I have been following since art school. Parents please view before your student does as some artists produce work that can be out of their age limits.
On YouTube they are broken down into snippets but full episodes can be found here
Curated videos for brief art breaks (all links):